Without fail, this happens every time I go to starbucks!

Without fail, this happens every time I go to starbucks!

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Dressed to…

Kilt. I’m excited to walk in the “dressed to kilt” runway show tonight in NYC! I should probably practice my best model sashay walk- but I think I’m just going to wing it and hope to not have a Carrie Bradshaw moment!

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Tonights the night. If Richard doesn’t win, I’ll….be bummed

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I just heard “back that ass up” by juvenile for the first time in like 8 years- and I still don’t think there are actually real lyrics to the song.

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To a passerby- a casting waiting room must look hilariously strange. A room full of people whisper-talking to the invisible person in front of them, changing shoes, smiling into mirrors, picking their teeth. If it happened in any other type of waiting room we would all be deemed crazy.

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Double show days

Had a really good matinee show today! Hope the 8pm is just as great. These double days tire me out!! But performing in front of an audience is really so satisfying :) Anyone who hasn’t yet- come see me and the other lovely ladies in Love Loss and What I Wore at the westside theater!

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It’s drizzly in la right now as I’m running at the gym (yes, I have become very good at dangerously running while typing!) I hope it gets sunny for this afternoon for the red carpet! Everyone tune in for the SAG awards tonight! Last night I went to a really fun EW party- so fun to see my cast and everyone else together in one place, especially since we shoot in NYC. And of course I had my amazing boyfriend by my side, which always makes every moment perfect :) Fingers crossed for us tonight!

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Hello jet lag! I have definitely not missed you.

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Goodbye Sydney! LAX, I will see you in 14 hours.

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